Born in Baltimore in the late 70’s; in the Parkheights community; Garrotta grew up quick in the city streets. Not to be described as a rapper or a so called studio gangster; he has lived the life that most lie about in thier records. Started rapping back in 1995 with 2 cousins and  formed the group Murderous Mercenaryz. Unfortunetly, after group turmoil the group was diminished, but Garrotta’s passion for music had not. He later formed another group in 2005 called The Getcha Boyz. Although no longer together, they still remain friends and brothers in the music. Garrotta; now hailing as a solo artist; also wearing hats of president/ceo, writer, producer, executive producer, and engineer; linked up with long time friend ‘Quik’, attained the title C.O.O,  and together plan to dominate the industry to give the world that Bmore sound at its purest.


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